* Nicklaus Certified Instructor
*15 Years Teaching Experience
*Certified Video Swing Instructor

Edward has successfully completed the Professional Golf Management program at Humber College.
He has been teaching golf for over 15 years and has held the position of the leading instructor at Jack Nicklaus Golf Academy where two times LPGA winner Hee Young Park, and many of KPGA tour professionals train.
He has written series of golf instructional articles for Korean major bank's VIP magazines
He has adpoted the technique of ancient martial arts and incorporated into his golf technique to enhance the generation of club head speed.

He teaches how to use the human body to create maximum power and maintain a good balane to increase golfing techniques.
He uses the "V1 VAP (Video Analysis Program)" to capture and analyze student's golf swings.
With the cutting edge technology Edward provides accurate diagnosis of the swing and highights areas of of improvement for his students.

Single 1/2 Hour Video Lesson - $55 + tax

Single 1 Hour Video Lesson - $100 + tax
Single Twosome Video Lesson (1 Hour) - $50 each + tax

Series of 3 1/2 Hour Lessons - $145 + tax
Series of 6 1/2 Hour Lessons - $260 + tax
Series of 3 1 Hour Lessons - $260 + tax
Series of 6 Twosome Lessons (1 Hour) - $250 each + tax

Corporate Rate - $120 + tax per hour

Golf Clinics for up to 6 people (4 1 Hour Lessons) - $99.99 + tax

Cell - 416 -710 - 4653