* Head Teaching Instructor
* 25 Years Teaching Experience
* Former Playing Professional
* Certified Video Swing Instructor

Mike is a graduate of Western Kentucky where he attended on a full golf scholarship. He held the position of Director of Instruction at King Valley G&CC and the Markham Golf Dome before coming to Launch in 2002.

Mike was named a "Top 50 Teacher" in Canada by the Nationa Post. He has done instructional articles for Score Magazine, Ontario Golf Magazine and has appeared on the CTV show "In Balance". Mike was also a part of the Group of Seven instructional panel for Ontario Golf Magazine.

Mike has based his teaching after the methods and principles of David Leadbetter. He uses the "A Star" golf video system to aid in slow motion analysis of the students swing to help speed up the process of improvement. Mike will also introduce several teaching aids to assist in the students feeling and visualizing the correct positions in the swing.

Mike's students range from beginners and intermediate golfers all the way to CPGA pro's and scholarship golfers in the United States.

Mike's mision is to help each student become more knowledgeable, not only in swing fundamentals but in how to practice in a more efficient manner. Remember, incorrect practice does more harm than good in the long run.